How does the Smart Yoga Teacher Make Money?

Hey everyone!

With everything in business and life I think it's super important to be transparent with everything that we do. This site and podcast is a revenue source for my business. Most of the content is free but I do make money from the site.

Some of the links I provide are called "affiliate links" if you click on the link and purchase it, I get a commission. This is a great way to build revenue, but if done just for the money, is scammy and not authentic way to build a business. Everything I have an affiliate link to are products or services I would recommend even if there were not commissions. I do test or research everything in advance either through myself or my guests who are also using the products or services. The prices are still the same for you, although sometimes I work out promo codes or discounts for our Smart Yoga Teachers.


My goal is to provide as much value and I can to people so I appreciate using my links (and not all links are affiliate) but if you don't that's okay too. For me, while I still do business workshops and trainings, I grow tired of having to "sell" to support myself and my family. I'd rather do what I can for the masses and get paid for everyone doing what we would do anyway!

Eventually there will be some paid content. I'm still sorting that out. It will be resources that provide a ton of value to the user but if that's not your thing or you don't have the extra income for it yet, hey that's okay! You can still do plenty between the blog and podcast. I hope you get a ton of value and if you ever have any questions on how the heck to make money online with yoga, let us know.

Finally, it is truly my mission to help other yoga professionals out. This is and always will be the driver behind The Smart Yoga Teacher. 

XO Melissa