What am I doing here?

Hi there Smarty Yoga Pants!

Welcome to our little community of yoga professionals trying to grow our businesses. While we use the term yoga teacher, it includes yoga teachers, yoga studio owners, bloggers, non-profits and whoever else if mixing yoga and business. My name is Melissa, I'm more of your host around The Smart Yoga Teacher than anything else. I use my experience from blogging, owning a yoga studio, and leading yoga retreats to help others through all of the trial and error of "making it" in the yoga industry. I don't know everything though...in fact, I feel like I know very little and am always learning from others. You can too!  I'll bring on friends I've made along the way both in and out of the yoga industry who can share tales of their triumphs and failures. Some people you would have heard of before.....while others are not well known but still making it in the yoga industry.

Let's talk about making it. There's no clear terms because it's different for everyone. Making it is creating a fulfilling career supporting yourself through yoga while helping others on whatever terms that may be. If you want to build a million dollar business- great, if you want to build a non-profit-woo-hoo!, if you want to build a little business in your community- keep at it sister or brother! It's up to you!

This is what we offer:

Blog: The blog currently includes how to's, things to think about, video tutorials, and some inspiration. Posts are written by me and guest bloggers.

Podcast: On our podcast, I either talk by myself or bring other pros in the yoga industry on to share their experiences. This is a great way to learn absolutely free! You can listen to our podcast on the website or on your phone. If you don't know how, go to our podcast page to learn how.

Resources: I have a list of my favorite resources to get the job done. I use a ton but these are my favorite!

Community Facebook Group: We have a nice positive Facebook closed group of other yoga professionals helping each other out. It's moderated to be as SPAM free as possible and we frequently do things as a group to network with each other and help. Read the rules in the description area once you're admitted and meet other yoga pros. 

Newsletter: At the bottom of this all of our pages you'll see a link to our newsletter. Our newsletter and email is our way to build a relationship with you. We highly encourage replys and participation so we can get more solid content based on your needs.

This is what we don't offer

Asana. There is little to no asana here. It's all business and we'll mention namas and niyamas more than anything else....maybe pranayama when we talk about the days of losing our cool. So if you're looking for sequencing, yoga teacher training, or anything other than the business of yoga...wrong site. But hey, check out that community group and ask for suggestions. We will also bring on some great guests to the podcast who offer trainings that you can find out more about.

Fake reality. We love being positive but running a yoga business of any type has it's tough areas...a lot of tough areas that people don't talk about enough. Myself and a lot of guests don't do a lot of sugar coating because its' a lot easier to understand and prepare for the tough times than for them to drop in your lap unexpectedly because you didn't know. But we're all still clearly doing it.....so keep your head up and get ready to surrender to whatever come your way!

These are the rules

What rules?! I know, I don't like rules either. Nothing crazy but just be respectful. I've got some crazy thick skin (or mainly I'm too oblivious to realize when someone's being insulting) but our online Facebook group, our guest podcast hosts, our guest bloggers.....they are offering their time and experience for free. Maybe you don't agree or had a bad experience but stay positive and practice ahimsa.

I am always looking for your feedback to either answer questions myself or get someone else to. So if you want to get in touch, please do!


XO Melissa Leger






Melissa Leger Business Consultant at the Smart Yoga Teacher

I'm Melissa!