The Smart Yoga Teacher Podcast. Latest Episodes


Episode 16
Social Media for Yoga Teachers with Jenn Herman
01 July 2016

In this podcast, Jenn Herman from Jenn's Trends reviews the best ways to use Facebook and Instagram for yoga teachers.


Episode 15
Crazy Sexy Taxes with Rachel Fisch
28 June 2016

This week we talk all about taxes with CPA Rachel Fisch. We took questions from yoga teachers from our Facebook Community Group, Smart Yoga Teachers, and asked Rachel all about taxes.


Episode 14
Branding Basics for Yoga Pros with Danielle Joseph
20 June 2016

Lean the basics of branding and how it can help your yoga business with guest Danielle Joseph


Episode 13
Getting found online with Gary Hughes
20 June 2016

Gary Hughes and I chat about getting found online and basic entrepreneurship.


Episode 12
Podcasting and Getting Started as a Yoga Teacher with Amanda Kingsmith
06 June 2016

Join fellow podcaster Amanda Kingsmith as we chat about podcasting and getting started as a new yoga teacher.


Episode 11
Yoga Studio Revenue & Challenges with Michael Sheridan
02 June 2016

Join us with yoga studio owner Michael Sheridan as we discuss ways to build yoga studio revenue and other yoga studio owner challenges.

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