Episode 1: Building a Kid's Yoga Business with Kidding Around Yoga
with Haris Lender

Episode Playback

In this episode, Haris Lender from Kidding Around Yoga and I chat about how she made Kidding Around Yoga a mini-yogi empire.

Today We'll Learn

Kidding Around Yoga started as an offline business but with online strategies became an international yoga company bringing yoga to children as well as helping adults have a better lifestyle. Haris recounts how Kidding Around Yoga got started and how she built her kick butt team. 

  • How did Kidding Around Yoga get started
  • How online strategies created explosive growth
  • Building an awesome team
  • Tips for aspiring yoga professionals



Kidding Around Yoga: Get your exclusive discount for Kidding Around Yoga. Enter in the code SMARTYOGI for your exclusive discount.

Good to Great: Learn about building your team in this business book. Fair warning, the 1st chapter seems a little dry.

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