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Episode 10
Introduction to Yoga Blogs with Melissa Leger
27 May 2016

Blogging. We hear we should do it, here's why and some tips to get you started. 


Episode 9
Corporate Yoga with Dee Persons
23 May 2016

Learn how to add corporate yoga to your business's list of services with our guest Dee Persons.


Episode 8
Creating a Kids' Yoga Character with Wuf Shanti with Erika Lee
19 May 2016

Erika Lee from Wuf Shanti explains how they took an gift from a child and built a kids' yoga character business together.


Episode 7
Membership Sites: Learning From Yoga Trade with Erica Hartnick
16 May 2016

Learn about memberships sites, affiliate links, and guest blogging from our friend Erica Hartnick at Yoga Trade.


Episode 6
How to get hired as yoga teacher with Melissa Leger
13 May 2016

In this episode, Melissa shares how to get hired as a yoga teacher.


Episode 5
Yoga and Writing with Melissa Carroll
28 April 2016

Do you write for your yoga business? Most of us do in emails,blogs, or websites. Learn writing tips from Going Om editor Melissa Carroll.

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