The Smart Yoga Teacher Podcast. Latest Episodes


Episode 4
Networking with Dr. Chris
28 April 2016

Does networking sound awful to you? It did for me too! Listen to my friend Dr. Chris who helped show me the ropes.


Episode 3
Private Yoga Instruction with Kate Connell
28 April 2016

Kate Connell shares with us how to take your yoga business to the next level with Private Yoga classes.


Episode 2
Non-profits with Yoga Gansters with Jodi Weiner
28 April 2016

Have you thought about creating a non-profit with yoga? Listen to Jodi Weiner from Yoga Gangsters about their challenges and joys!


Episode 1
Building a Kid's Yoga Business with Kidding Around Yoga with Haris Lender
15 April 2016

In this episode, Haris Lender from Kidding Around Yoga and I chat about how she made Kidding Around Yoga a mini-yogi empire.

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