Yoga Business Launch


Still trying to figure out what you want to do now that you have your yoga certification? Have you been researching and reading but failing to take action? Are you still narrowing down your niche? Do you have no idea what a niche is? The Yoga Business Launch is an interactive online group coaching program that lasts 8 weeks to not just teach you the tools but encourage you to take action with your yoga career. The program helps find the middle way of taking action and planning, even if your plan isn't perfect or fully developed.

By the end of the course, you should have a solid understanding of how to use your website and social media to reflect your niche...even while you're figuring stuff out.  We've created an 8 week plan from start to finish that combines education and action. From narrowing down your niche, to personal finance, to using your website to establish yourself, learning how to use social media, and promoting yourself online, we'll create your road map to get your yoga business going. There's homework, group activities, conference calls, personal coaching, video, and audio recordings. If you've done the work, your website will be robust and professional with a clear mission (or at least on the way to a clear mission if you're still deciding). You'll be encouraged to start networking in person and online. When the course is complete, websites and branding will be less scary because you'll learn the nuts and bolts of what is necessary and what's not to be online as well as creating systems. So you'll spend less time and money trying to figure out the online stuff and more time helping yoga students and developing your yoga business. 

If you don't have a website already, or maybe an existing one that's not working, we have an optional website package available. The website is coded so it's easy to use and update. Instead of trying to figure out code and plugins, you'll have a beautiful professional design where you can simply fill in the blanks.

Course Structure


Week  Topics Covered
0 Receive an overview of the course and technology we will be using.
1 Manifest It: This week we get over fear and find out what you truly want from this venture.
2 Easy Planning: Get started with a clear picture of what you want and what's feasible.
3 It's All About the Money: This week we review what it takes from your personal finances to get started.
4 Blogging and Websites 101: Time to get techy! Understand what's needed to get online and how to work it.
5 Creating Systems: Yoga burnout. It's real. Learn how to create systems for consistency. 
6 Networking and Promotions: A great business will fail if no one knows about it. Learn how to network and promote. 
7 Evaluation and Adjustments: Is your plan and action working? Learn how to evaluate, revise, and rework.
8 Participants Choice: We review any topics that need an extra little oomph before wrapping up the course.

Your commitments

To get the most out of this course, you'll need to make following commitments to yourself:

  • Set aside a minimum of 4 to 5 hours a week to take the course and do the course work. It's okay to take a vacation! However, because it's interactive and action based, find time in your schedule to make up any missed time.
  • Commitment to the group and Melissa. There will be activities we do together online as a group, the more your participate and interact, the more you'll get out of it. There's homework, yes homework, and we'll check in on you if it's not completed. Melissa will schedule two 30 minute calls with you on any topic in the course that you're struggling with, please commit to those times. Reschedules within 48 hours is okay but last minute cancellations take away time. 
  • A website and preferably one that works well, is optimized for SEO, and easy to update by the fourth week of the course. If you don't have one and don't want to make one yourself, that's okay we offer semi custom websites as an additional option.


Introductory Course Pricing 

I really like helping people. This course will have content geared towards your challenges but it's also the second one so we are still fine tuning some course work and platforms. In exchange your feedback, I will develop more custom content either in this course or the future based on your specific questions and needs. The price is expected to increase significantly and you will have full access to the membership website for more content all at the current price. The introductory version will have a max participation of 10 people.

Course Date Start

June August 21 - October 29

(The week of October 2nd will be a BYE week)

There will interaction by email in advance to develop custom exercises and classes.

Payment and Options

There are two options: The Course or The Course & Website. Feel free to use either option. However, we do not provide technical support for any web platforms not using The Course and Website. That may mean you do additional research on your own if you can't figure out how to do something we're working on. Feel free to ask the group though for suggestions!

Pay in Full: Prices stated below. Course is refundable up to 7 days before course start with a $25 cancellation fee.

Multiple payments: Multiple payments require a $99 deposit with a $25 additional fee for each payment. Your deposit is non-refundable. Payment must be made in full before the start of the course or website creation. Contact me for more details.



Course Only $399

  • 8 week online interactive course
  • Exclusive access to the Smarty Yoga Pants Facebook group for paid participants only
  • 2 thirty minute coaching sessions with Melissa on any of the covered topics
  • Weekly interactive conference call (calls will be recorded)
  • Weekly online videos or sound recordings
  • Lifetime membership to members only area. Even with upgrades and new content

Course and Basic Website $799

  • Includes all course offerings
  • Semi-custom website
  • Easy fill in the blank solution for people who don't want to waste time designing sites
  • SEO friendly site
  • 6 pages set up including a blog
  • Easy to update for more pages
  • 30 minute Needs Analysis Call
  • 1 revision
  • 30 minute training call

Website will exclude hosting, stock images, domain name and copy. Hosting fees range between $3 to $10 per month. We can provide recommendations for allowable hosts.




Yoga Business Launch Online Course